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2014 Skyland Bible Conference

The 58th annual Skyland Bible Conference (June 28 - July 4) will be held at Bluefield College in Bluefield, Virginia. The conference is known for its in-depth Bible teaching, friendly fellowship, and outstanding activities for all ages both on and off the campus. (2014 Conference Schedule will be posted here, later...)

Continuing the tradition of excellent Bible teaching, the speakers for the 2014 conference will be John Gordon and Joe Reese . If you are looking for a spiritually enriching vacation, rather than mere entertainment, this is your best choice.

A conference for the whole family. Receive spiritual edification, renew acquaintances and make new ones, enjoy varied activities for all ages, see the sites around Southwestern Virginia.

Now Skyland Bible Conference is even more affordable for large families. The conference offers a $75 discount for each immediate family member over three (3) members. So the larger the family, the more you save!

For example, a family of five can come to Skyland for a whole week - lodging, meals, lots of fun, as well as spiritual enrichment for less than $800. Compare that with any other vacation setting and you will find Skyland to be a real bargain - spiritually and financially.

Everyone is encouraged to sign up by APRIL 15th so that the conference staff can plan effectively.

Feel free to take a few minutes and watch the video presentation of what Skyland Bible Conference has to offer. (This video was prepared in 2011)


Conference Speakers

John Gordon
John Gordon: A full time worker from Raleigh, NC, John is an elder at the North Ridge Bible Chapel assembly. He is a frequent speaker at assemblies, camps and conferences around the Southeastern United States.

List of messages by John Gordon from Voices for Christ

Joe Reese
Joe Reese: Joe, who resides in Sault Ste Marie, ON, Canada is an evangelist and Bible teacher. His direct approach and southern charm have made him a Skyland favorite.

List of messages by Joe Reese from Voices for Christ

Index to ALL speakers at Voices for Christ

Your Skyland Staff

  • Steven & Mary Batts - Room assignments
  • Ron & Brenda Baker - Off campus activities
  • Troy & Beverly Boone - Music
  • Barry & Jackie Brady - Campus activities
  • Phil & Edna Guikema - Children’s meetings
  • Mark & Kim Shelley - Teen activities
  • Wes & Ginna Patterson - Registrars


There are both air conditioned and non-air conditions rooms available. You can choose the comfort of air conditioning or save a little money and enjoy the moderate climate of Bluefield summers where the average high temperature for July is a temperate 81 degrees.

The types of rooms available are as follows:

  • Shared Bath - This is two rooms that are adjoined by a bath. This is ideal for families with children and even single individuals that are rooming with friends.
  • Private Bath - While there really are not any true private bath rooms on the campus, there is plenty of room to create private bath situations. Essentially, you will be assigned one half of a shared bath and no one will be on the other side.




What To Bring

  • Wash Cloths and Towels
  • Bedding for twin beds

Rules and Dress

In this location, temperatures can vary. Bring clothes for both warm and cooler weather. We request that dress is modest for all occasions. Short shorts, bare midriffs, short dresses or skirts should not be worn. Modest shorts are permitted at the meetings.

In an effort to encourage unity and spiritual growth, we ask that no televisions, video players or gaming consoles be brought onto the premises.

Smoking, drugs, alcohol, fireworks and weapons are not permitted.


  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Softball
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Golf
  • Tubing / Kayaking / Canoeing
  • Slip-N-Slide
  • Hiking

See the Activities page for more information.


The 2014 conference will begin with the evening meal Saturday, June 28 and conclude with breakfast Friday, July 4.

Daily Schedule

  7:15 AM Breakfast
  9:00 AM Adult Service*
  9:00 AM Children 5-12
10:15 AM Activities
12:15 PM Lunch
  1:00 PM Activities
  4:00 PM Afternoon Ministry
  5:15 PM Dinner
  6:25 PM Prayer Groups
  7:00 PM Evening Service*
  7:00 PM Children 5-12
  8:30 PM Special Activities
10:30 PM Teen Devotions
11:30 PM Lights Out

* A nursery is provided for all adult meetings (ages 0-4).

Location and Directions

The 58th annual Skyland Bible Conference will be held at Bluefield College in Bluefield, Virginia.

A detailed map of the conference activity locations is now on the directions page.

For detailed directions to Bluefield College see our directions page, or you may visit the college web site for their directions to the campus.

The Conveners

  • Steve Andrews
  • Barry Brady
  • Phil Guikema
  • Larry Reeves
  • Dr. John Reimer
  • Dick Andrews - Emeritus

Registration Information

The 2014 Skyland Bible Conference will be held during the week of June 28-July 4, 2014. For us to adequately prepare for your stay, please as soon as possible. Please indicate the number of attendees in your party, by type of room desired. Availability of some room types are limited and will be assigned on a First Come, First Serve basis. After completing the form, please mail it to the following address with a check for the Registration Fee.

Skyland Bible Conference
2319 Vincent Rd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27106
336-923-1030 (until June 26)
336-692-4574 (beginning June 27)

Or, use our new Online Registration process. Online payments via PayPal are now accepted!

More information regarding conference rates are located on our Registration Page.