This is a Bible Conference convened for the encouragement and edification of Christians. It also affords them an opportunity for relaxation and recreational activities. The schedule is balanced to meet all phases of your activities. All guests are expected to attend all regularly scheduled services. The afternoon Bible reading is optional.

No dogs or other pets are allowed on the grounds.

There is to be no drugs, alcohol, fireworks, weapons or smoking. A strict fire code of the college and local Fire Departments makes this a serious offense.

Girls' rooms are "out of bounds" for boys and likewise boys' rooms are "out of bounds" for girls.

At 11:30 p.m. everyone must be in their assigned quarters with lights out and quiet prevailing. This is for EVERYONE.

Dress: In this location, temperatures can vary. Bring clothes for both warm and cooler weather. We request that dress is modest for all occasions. Short shorts, bare midriffs and short dresses or skirts should not be worn. Modest shorts are permitted at the meetings.

In an effort to encourage unity and spiritual growth, we ask that no televisions, video players or gaming consoles be brought onto the premises.


Your mailing address while at conference will be:

Skyland Bible Conference
Eastern Mennonite University
1200 Park Rd
Harrisonburg, VA 22802

For emergency phone calls, you may be reached at 336-692-4574. This is the cell # for Wes Patterson (Registrar).